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Journey to Bethlehem


A young woman carrying an unimaginable responsibility. A young man torn between love and honor. A jealous king who will stop at nothing to keep his crown. This live-action Christmas musical adventure for the entire family weaves classic Christmas melodies with humor, faith and new pop songs in a retelling of the greatest story ever told, the story of Mary and Joseph and the birth of Jesus. A unique new entry into the collection of holiday classic movies, this epic Christmas musical is unlike any before it.


Fiona Palomo (“Outer Banks”) - Mary
Milo Manheim (“Prom Pact”) - Joseph
Omid Djalili (“Gladiator”) - Wise Man
Rizwan Manji (“Schitt’s Creek”) - Wise Man
Geno Segers (“Perfect Harmony”) - Wise Man
MŌRIAH - Deborah
Joel Smallbone - Antipater
Lecrae - Angel Gabriel
Stephanie Gil (“Fatima”) - Rebekah
and Academy Award® Nominee Antonio Banderas (“Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny”) - King Herod

DIRECTED BY: Adam Anders

SCREENPLAY BY: Adam Anders & Peter Barsocchini

MUSIC BY: Adam Anders, Nikki Anders & Peer Astrom

PRODUCED BY: Brandt Andersen, Adam Anders, Ryan Busse, Stephen Meinen, Alan Powell & Steve Barnett

EXECUTIVE PRODUCERS: Vicky Patel & Peter Barsocchini